We work with our trusted network for all aspects of confectionery production.

  • The best results in quality and quantity and time efficiency need correct conditions in the coating chamber. Dehumidification and temperature control systems give the confectioner peace of mind.
  • Conveyor transfer systems using the most hygienic technology.

  • Automated dispenser units offer greater flexibility in the finishing of products. Integrated into the PLC for manual or automated dispensing of inclusions and powder as an alternative to polishing.
  • Chocolate tanks for melting, storage, or mobile units for special batches are always available.

Dehumidification and air temperature control

It is important to have the correct supply of dehumidified and temperature control air delivered to the Finn, DST constantly supply the correct conditions for optimum performance no matter the climatic conditions.

Transfer Conveyors

Automated batch production with reduced labour cost is always greatly improved by ease of transfer from Coater to Polisher. Bespoke solutions delivering centres to the Coater, onto Polisher and then packing supplied as a complete system.

Tanks filled with nuts for coating

Inclusions Dispenser

Automated Dispensers of toppings and inclusions, such as chopped nuts, fruits, powders and spices.