Finn Belt Coater and Finn Belt Polisher.

Finn Coaters and Polishers

DTG Finn Coater nozzles

Additional Equipment for Turnkey Solutions.

Coating and polishing are just one part of the solution, we work with our trusted network to provide equipment for every need, including :- Dehumidification and Air Temperature Control, Transfer Conveyors, Dispensers and Chocolate Tanks

Turnkey Solutions

Finn Coating and Polishing Features

Traditional engineering with advanced research and development

Frames are Jig built. Finn's use the highest quality stainless steel 304 and 316. All components are the highest standard to deliver reliability and many years of production. Highly skilled and dedicated engineers taking pride in every Finn.

Fully automated production or simple manual operation

We are committed to delivering the most advanced end result, from a manually operated machine to fully automated turnkey solutions

Data analysis reporting and dashboard interface

Reports to assist in maximising production and automated recipe functions. Dashboard interface offers advanced management communication.

Remote support from DT&G Limited Finn

Reducing travel and carbon footprint at the same time giving faster production solutions. We are always on hand to ensure you have support.

Built to customer requirement

Finn's offers bespoke design to suit individual production requirements. We aim to deliver the very best chocolate coating and polishing to you, for all your centres. The complete project solution is available and will be delivered and installed with commissioning and training available.

Flexible Production

Finn covers almonds, biscuits, brazil nuts, coffee beans, freeze dried products, fondants, ginger, hazelnuts, malt balls, peanuts, raisins, seeds, soft fruit, toffee balls, wafers and many more large, small, delicate and flat sided centres. Application of glazes and sealants for a perfect polished finished. Automated dispensers for finishing coated centres with chopped nuts, fruits and powders.

Finn is a Worker

The Finn works 24 hours a day, it is designed for ease of use with intelligent programming. Current customers report minimal chocolate loss, optimum production and Operators competing to use the ThermoDrive Finn.

Mitsubishi, Allen Bradley Rockwell or Siemens Systems available

Programmed for the safest, most efficient and reliable production HMI allows Operators complete overview and control. While the data reporting assist production managers to support and achieve goals.


MachineCapacity (litres)Capacity (cubic feet)Maximum batch size (llbs & kgs)Approx batch process (time, mins)Minimum cool air flowPower (kW)Foot print size (L x W x H)
MicroCoater100.3511lbs 5kgs20-2528.3CFM 0.8 m³/min0.250.80m x 0.60m x 0.65m / 32”x 24”x 26”
Junior782.75120lbs 54kgs30-40251CFM 7.1 m³/min0.751.07m x 1.65m x 1.73m / 42.1”x 65”x 68.1”
Standard2207.82345lbs 157kgs25-301000CFM 28.3 m³/min2.51.96m x 1.60m x 2.60m / 77.15" x 69.26" x 103.53"
Enhanced30910.89480lbs 220kgs30-401300CFM 36.8 m³/min3.52.04m x 1.76m x 2.69m / 80.16” x 69.28” x105.62”
Maxi46016.24675lbs 306 kgs40-451520CFM 43 m³/min4.02.04m x2.42m x2.69m / 80.16”x 95.15”x 105.62”
Jumbo68024.021054lbs 478 kgs45-502000CFM 56.6 m³/min5.02.19m x 2.42m x 2.73m / 86.03" x 95.15" x 107.22"
Estimated on Peanut 1:1