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Finn Chocolate Coaters and Polishers

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Additional equipment for turnkey solutions.

Coating and polishing are just one part of the process, we work with our trusted network to deliver efficiency.

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dtg - Global, Ethical, Sustainable.

We are very proud to have been commended in the global BRUKOL Responsible Business Awards.

The efforts made by dtg have been recognised for moving towards more sustainable operations, making a significant contribution towards becoming an overall responsible business, including actions towards their internal & external stakeholders and the planet.


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Lyn Pitt

Lyn Pitt - Managing Director

Lyn is the managing director of DT&G Finn. Her dedication and enthusiasm has ensured the Finn brand continues at the forefront of innovation in coating and polishing. A regular speaker at International conferences, Lyn is passionate about providing the very best engineering and service to customers worldwide.

Portrait of Wayne Woods

Wayne Woods - Engineering Manager

Wayne started as an apprentice with Frank Finn and now responsible for all the innovative research in design and application, making these Finn's the very best ever built. He is a good confectioner too!