Felicitations, Louise


Louise Richard, a student from Lycée Antoine Watteau in Valenciennes studying Brevet de Technicien Superieur in International Trade, has spent a very successful internship with us at DT &G Limited Finn.

Louise has made a very valuable contribution during this time of expansion and increased interest in Finn 2, dealing with exhibition projects and marketing developments within the confectionery industry. It was a great benefit to have her here to support special research projects using her experience, education and exceptional bilingual skills.

Louise will have an international career – her professional qualifications and attitude, along with a desire to deliver the best and seek improvements for her clients, will ensure her global presence in the years to come. Her love for her family, friends and home life in France will always be central to her but the cultural experience and exciting challenges of International Trade, which she has a love for, will make her a great success.

We have enjoyed every minute of her time here and would recommend her to any organisation in the future.

Wishing you a very happy future, Louise.